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Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Greenpeace founder betrays Gaia

In which Patrick Moore, the co-founder of Greenpeace and its leader for 15 years, condemns the monster his movement has become.
That's why I left Greenpeace: I could see that my fellow directors, none of whom had any science education, were starting to deal with issues around chemicals and biology and genetics, which they had no formal training in, and they were taking the organization into what I call "pop environmentalism," which uses sensationalism, misinformation, fear tactics, etc., to deal with people on an emotional level rather than an intellectual level.
And so Mr. Moore, has taken his first step... into a larger world.

It's hard to read that and not think of Al Gore, isn't it?

This is pretty much all of the current environmental "problems": peak oil, population explosion, global warming, and so on, are all based on sensationalism and emotions, not actual facts.

Most of the liberal movements were not so radical in the beginning: feminists simply wanted women to have the right to vote; black activists wanted to end slavery, and later Jim Crow; environmentalists wanted our air to be breathable and our water to be clean. They were common sense movements that drew on the entire range of the American public.

But, as happens to every movement, the mainstream leaves as the goals have been achieved, leaving behind the radicals who are never satisfied in charge.


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