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Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Night falls: Hillary sweeps Pennsylvania

A drop of humanity for a sea of power.

Rebuking Obama, bitter racists from all across the great white state of Pennsylvania flooded the polls to carry Hillary to a crushing victory. Now who's bitter?

Hillary is like some sort of evil, dark force that can't be killed. No matter how many times she's struck down, like the Black Knight, she just gets up again for the next round.

Of course, Obama's supporters insist that she should drop out because she can't win enough delegates to win the nomination. Newsflash: neither can Obama!

If Obama has it all wrapped up, why hasn't he put Hillary away yet? She was trailing him by ten points going into the election. He outspent her 3-to-1. Instead of closing the deal, he told rural folks that they cling to God and guns because they're bitter and they responded by clinging bitterly to Hillary. He lost it.

No matter who wins, Obama or Hillary, the election will be decided not by voters, but by party officials who will hand the nomination to their choice.

Which makes the real winner McCain.


Blogger Chris said...

If I recall, Hilary was up by 20 points at one point in PA. The fact that Obama halved that is pretty impressive

Thu Apr 24, 02:39:00 PM EDT  

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