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Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Liberal dream comes true: bill introduced allowing liberals to pay more in taxes

At long last, their nights of feverish insomnia, so consumed were they by their concern for a lack of government revenue, are over.

Of course, if they cared so much about higher taxes, they could have just given the government more all along; the IRS doesn't care if you sneak them an extra ten grand. Oddly enough, most liberals, despite their talk about citizens "doing their part," still manage to abide by the same tax reducing behavior as other folk.

But now all that is at an end: thanks to the Put Your Money Where Your Mouth Is bill, our generous liberal friends will have no trouble granting the state that additional 10% tithe that they've always longed to pay but just couldn't figure out which box to enter all that extra money they have laying around into.

After all, if they think it's so important that we pay higher taxes, surely they can show its worth by leading through example?


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