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Sunday, April 13, 2008

McCain to Obama: I know you won't break your word on public financing; Obama to McCain: that depends on what "break" means

Obama, running on the promise of a "new politics" removing the influence of corporate interests from politics, promised that he'd sign up for public funding, meaning he would abstain from using private donations and run on a set amount the government provides. McCain, the architect of campaign finance reform, said he'd do it too.

But now that Obama's rolling in dough from his fundraising, he's basically coming out to say that his promise meant nothing. So much for the new politics!

Now he says that we've created an "parallel public financing system" via the internet, that achieves the spirit of public funding through a different means. Of course, by "parallel public financing system" he really just means... private financing.

If that's "public financing" then every candidate that has ever run for President has been breaking new ground in using a "parallel public financing system" too.

Just words, Senator? I thought words mattered.


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