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Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Musings on Obama's redneck rampage

Thoughts to share...

  • How can Obama even think about condemning people who "get bitter," "cling to religion," and have "antipathy for people who aren't like them," when all three have been on full display in the church that he's been attending for the last 20 years?

  • Isn't it great how he tries to sell himself as the "common man" while at the same time being the most removed from everyday Americans? His life experience is as diametrically opposed to that of ordinary people as you can get.

  • The best part about Obama's slip is that, for him, and liberals in general, he didn't think he was saying anything particularly controversial. Tucked away safely in San Francisco, he thought he could speak frankly. Liberals always believe that conservatives and other "unenlightened" types are just dumb racists who suffer from Marx's "false consciousness," using the anesthetics of religion and culture to numb themselves to their reality. Obama's only mistake, from his view, was simply saying so where microphones were nearby.

  • Speaking of it being a mainstream belief, liberal supporters have Obama have begun the old two-step defense that always gets trotted out whenever any liberal inadvertently tells the truth about his beliefs. When Kerry made his "dumb people go to Iraq" comment and started that fiasco, liberals scoffed. "He would never say anything so heinous," they said, "but what he said is true." So he never said it, but also, there was nothing wrong with what he said. It's just common sense; anyone who's not a rube can see that. And so we have the same playbook busted open for Obama.

  • This is funny.

  • I was watching CNN, and they were working their fingers to the bone trying to spin this as simply being about "bitterness," and how "anybody could see" that they're bitter. It's so simple!

  • Hillary believes that slips like this are proof that nominating Obama is going to result in a landslide victory for McCain. She's on a quest to save the Democrats from themselves. As long as they keep fighting, that's fine. More blood for the war machine!

  • The fact that Obama even thought going to San Francisco was a good idea says something. Not to mention that he then denounced the rest of America from it.

  • This is why liberals never get anywhere on talk radio. On talk radio, you have to say what you believe, but liberals who simply say what they believe sound fascist and condescending. Instead of just calling people stupid and saying they're better than them, they have to dress it up with fancy words to hide behind.


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