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Thursday, May 08, 2008


I'm wondering if the length of the Democratic primary is going to backfire on those of us who are gleeful at the skirmishes between Obama and Hillary. Yes, they fought each other, but the Republicans did too over McCain, and it looks like he'll get their votes now. The long process brought in millions of new Democrat voters into the process, and Democrat turnout has been energized. Obama is a novice candidate, but many of his weaknesses which would have been exposed during the duel against McCain have already seen the light and been laid to rest, where they will be long forgotten come November.

The long primaries meant that the Democrats spent much of the election fighting each other, but it also means that the winner will emerge strong and that there will be less time left for McCain to bring him back down to earth. McCain only got around 75% of the vote in the last two primaries, and has problems raising money. Meanwhile, Obama has more money than God. But McCain is a shrewd campaigner. The race exposed many exploitable weaknesses. It's too early to write the obituaries.


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