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Wednesday, May 21, 2008


Apparently many of Hillary's supporters believe that she was done in by "gender discrimination." But wait. Discrimination, in the bigoted sense, is to treat something different because of a trait irrelevant to the matter. Thus, discrimination is a double-edged word: the first is supporting Hillary just because she is a woman. The second is opposing her just because she is a woman. But if she is such an opponent of gender discrimination, where was she when supporter after supporter touted her as a woman first, and candidate second? If she really had a problem with it she would have said, "Don't vote for me because I'm a woman; vote for me because I'm the best candidate." It would appear that discrimination is only unacceptable to her when it harms her.

The same is true for Obama, of course. Expect cries of "racism!" to rise into a chorus as the campaign proceeds.


Blogger Stephanie said...

A blogger after my own heart! I agree with you one hundred per cent!

Wed Jun 04, 01:54:00 PM EDT  

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