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Friday, May 02, 2008

Economic success in three easy steps

I keep hearing liberals and Ron Paul-ites—henceforth known as "Ronulans"—talking about how the economy would be going gangbusters if it just wasn't for that darn war. Isn't WW2 accredited for ending the Great Depression? If anything, by their logic, we should have more war. 100 years more, in fact! Let's not let good ideas die in the waiting queue.

To boot, most of that money goes to American companies, who surprisingly have to invest in the economy to do anything with it. In the long run, the war in Iraq may cost a lot, but it'll cost less than what it would cost to re-fight the same battle later, but on a much grander scale and on the enemy's terms. How much less costly would the second World War have been if Hitler had just been stopped at Poland?

In any case, liberals don't actually have an explanation for how ending the war would magically boost the economy.

1) End the war.

Besides, they aren't going to "put it back into the economy" anyway; we all know they just want to take that money and spend it on more government programs, except instead of it being spent on saving people from oppression it'll get spent on free condoms.


Blogger Chris said...

We did not get out the Great Depression because of the war, but because of an overall increase in government spending and the US switching from classical to Keynesian economics. Sure much government funding went to the war, but it also went to social programs, the creation of the National Park Service and many other government programs and conservatives don't like with their "small government" view. I do not believe it is as black and white as you characterize

Sun May 04, 08:00:00 PM EDT  

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