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Thursday, May 08, 2008

Operation Chaos suddenly relevant

After killing themselves over ways to write stories about Republican crossover votes in the Democrat primaries without mentioning Operation Chaos, the media and Obama campaign has suddenly decided that it's newsworthy, after all. But it's been going on for several primaries now, starting with Texas. Somehow I doubt the Obama campaign, filled with sharp-eyed poll sharks pouring over reams of data, would have just noticed it for the first time.

Or maybe they just realized that pinning Hillary's victory in Indiana on Republicans would be an easy way to cheapen it?

Rush himself noticed this:
I'm extremely proud of the Operation Chaos volunteers. I never doubted they would triumph in Indiana and I think it is a hoot the Obama campaign is crediting Op Chaos for giving Hillary a 7-point bump. It sounds like they are jealous I out-organized them.

I think it was a couple days after the PA primary, I said on air that if the Obama campaign wanted to end Operation Chaos, all they had to do was acknowledge it and say that the Hillary vote was tainted by voters who have no intention of voting for her in November.

Tonight, they followed my advice.
If it wasn't for Rush, Obama's victory in November would virtually be guaranteed. He was the Messiah; but the mask has slipped, and now he's just another politician with a fanatic base.


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