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Friday, May 02, 2008

Unemployment falls, Democrats and media hardest hit

You can almost feel the physical pain this reporter must be going through as she tries to write this story in a way that doesn't violate the overarching "worst economy ever" narrative.

You know, shouldn't we actually wait for the economy to, I don't know, actually recess before calling it a recession? Yes, we are possibly in a recession if we are now allowed to make up our own definition of what "recession" means. It's hilarious how the unemployment rate isn't the "real story" now, we're told. Funny, that didn't seem to be the case before, but there wasn't a sliver of hope that had to be dismissed back then.

She even manages a "keep hope alive" moment when she says economists still think that—keep those fingers crossed!—there's still a chance unemployment will hit 6% later this year.


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