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Tuesday, June 10, 2008

McCain: Hey, let's regulate "extravagant" CEO salaries

Here we go again:
"Americans are right to be offended when the extravagant salaries and severance deals of CEOs ... bear no relation to the success of the company or the wishes of shareholders," he will say, adding that some of those chief executives helped bring on the country's housing crisis and market troubles.

"If I am elected president, I intend to see that wrongdoing of this kind is called to account by federal prosecutors. And under my reforms, all aspects of a CEO's pay, including any severance arrangements, must be approved by shareholders," he will say.
The guy who thought no one would pick lettuce for $50 an hour now thinks he knows how much executives should be paid. Since when is it the government's job to regulate salaries? What a CEO is paid is between him and the company he works for.


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