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Monday, June 16, 2008

You've got a friend in me

Apparently conservatives are nicer than liberals, being more likely to help out somebody in need, more honest, and friendlier. Cheer up, liberals.

It makes sense, when you take into account the fact that conservatives place the burden of maintaining a good society on their own shoulders, whereas liberals outsource that responsibility to the government. Conservatives also place a higher importance on polite society, decor, manners, and so forth, whereas liberals tend to reject that as being untrue to yourself.

It's also my experience that liberals think they are the ones that like people, in contrast to conservatives that hate them of course, but really, every time I hear them talking about something, it's about how backwards, dumb, stupid, racist, etc., etc., they are and wouldn't be able to find their way out of a paper bag if it wasn't for such conscientious liberals to lead their way for them. They just like "people" in the abstract, as a concept, but when it comes to actual people, they hate them. It's only a useful crutch to highlight their own generosity, intelligence, superiority, and so on. Conservatives, on the other hand, recognize that humanity as a whole is corrupt, so the debauchery that surrounds us is only to be expected, but we are able to cherish the actual people in front of us who do not conform to that because of it.

If I had a soda for every time I've heard a liberal complain about this or that being wrong without actually lifting a finger to do anything about it when they were in the position to do so... I'd be in the hospital.


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