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Sunday, August 31, 2008

Shock: Liberal historians dislike Palin

Of course, the article presents them as uninterested third parties:
So unconventional was McCain's choice that it left students of the presidency literally "stunned," in the words of Joel Goldstein, a St. Louis University law professor and scholar of the vice presidency. "Being governor of a small state for less than two years is not consistent with the normal criteria for determining who's of presidential caliber," said Goldstein. . . .

Palin, on the other hand, is a total "wild card," said Stanford historian David Kennedy.
Ten minutes of looking around adds some nuance to these opinions.

$250 Obama, Barack (D)

$2,300 Obama, Barack (D)

Two historians in the tank for Obama got quoted as if they were non-biased commentators on McCain's VP pick. Who knew two liberals for Obama would scoff at his choice?

Friday, August 29, 2008

A ten-point primer to Palin

From our good friends at TIME.

Hick talk

Apparently Palin has a bit of an Alaskan / Canadian accent. Be on the lookout for liberals snickering at that simple-minded rube trying to play pretend on the national stage. The New York paparazzi crowd will certainly climb up the wall over it, much like they do with Bush and his Texan accent. But in the end, all of that scorn they heaped upon the President for his "down to earth" style ultimately backfired on them.

Of course, the opening salvo to Palin's pick was to denigrate her stewardship of "small towns" in the middle of nowhere, so they're already on track.


Liberals are going absolutely apoplectic over Palin as the pick. Any criticism Obama could make of her applies to him even more. She has more executive experience than Biden, Obama, and McCain combined. It's funny watching them work themselves into a frenzy over this. If it's such a bad pick for McCain, why are they so mad? Shouldn't they be happy?

CNN: How can Palin be VP when she has children to care for?

Funny how this only comes up when it's a Republican woman. Women can do anything, I thought. Except if they're Republicans. In which case, how can they be so selfish and put themselves in front of their children?

Funnier yet, Obama's team is hitting Palin for being — get this, Quayle-esque. Because, you know — come on. She's a woman.

They're hitting her for being inexperienced. How can they hit her for that when she has more experience than Obama himself? The VP of the Republican ticket has more accomplishments and experience than the Democrat choice for the top half of the ticket.

She's the governor of Alaska, a lifetime NRA member, she has a kid who signed up for the army, her husband is an oil tycoon, she's not only pro-life — she lives it — keeping a child who had Down's Syndrome instead of aborting it... she even hunts moose.

McCain's VP: Palin

It's Sarah Palin, Governor of Alaska.

At first I was just relieved it wasn't Lieberman, but she's a great pick in her own right. I'm still digesting the news; it's a huge game changer. The party of women and minorities everywhere selects another old white guy to be their VP while the party of the white patrician elites forwards a woman. A conservative woman. Evangelicals love her, I heard Rush enthusing about her on the radio as I drove to get lunch, Fred Thompson gives her the thumbs up, and even Hillary's supporters are celebrating. McCain just took Obama's post-convention buzz and broke it in half.

Thursday, August 28, 2008

Chronicles of the Messiah

This was great. The best part was that it was what he actually was saying.

Finally: Obama offers specifics for governance

He changed his motto from "Change We Can Believe In" to "The Change We Need".

See? All you right-wing hate-mongers can eat it now. There's your sizzle. There's your substance.


Biden, foreign policy expert

Biden's claim to fame is his supposed expertise on foreign policy, which is why Obama nominated him. Yet on the issue that Obama claims is the ultimate arbiter of somebody's judgement, the Iraq War, Biden was 180 degrees in the opposite direction from Obama, forcefully supporting it. Not only that, Biden was against the surge, just like Obama, which is what is bringing us success in Iraq. The best yet is Biden's idea to just split Iraq into parts given to their respective tribes and leave, which is one of the only things thats managed to bring Iraqis of all stripes together in opposition to it.

That's three for three.

Liberal senate rankings for 2007

The bipartisanship. Can you feel it?

Gay marriage

Neal Boulton: "I openly — no, flamingly — endorse Obama, whether he says he's for gay marriage or not. . . . I know under Obama, it will only be a matter of time until the country sees the legalization of gay marriage."

Did you ever notice how Democrats, like John Kerry and Obama, love to take mainstream positions, such as opposing gay marriage just like Republicans do —while sneering at the uneducated hicks who can't grasp such higher issues — yet their own supports always assume they must be lying about it?

Obama & Ayers

Obama has a lot of shady associations that he made as he made his way through the political world, establishing himself alongside die-hard leftists, communists, and even terrorists. But today he's acting like none of that ever happened; every time one of his previous associations is brought up he just pretends that, golly, he had no idea. It's all new to him! Apparently he wants us to believe that we learned more about these people in two months than he did in 20 years.

By God, he just woke up one day and was surrounded by radicals!

This AIP ad demolishes him and his attempts to weasel his way out of his connections with an American terrorist.

The messiah arrives on Earth

Apparently Obama's going to fight the snickers that he's a cult figure with a Messiah complex by fashioning the convention into a Greek style parthenon for his speech. Maybe if he arrives on a horse it'll be complete.

Reasons against a Lieberman pick

First and foremost, he's a liberal, and a Democrat. John McCain is already a liberal Republican, but at least he's a Republican. Picking a member of the opposite party to be your Vice President? Who's going to run for President when his term is over?

Even politically, it would be a bad choice. Sure, he may peel off a few moderate Democrats, but how many Republicans, who are already looking for reasons to abandon McCain, will he send up the wall? It's absolutely ridiculous, and yet McCain dreams for these kinds of 50's style "fusion" tickets.

Just imagine the Vice Presidential debates. The VP is supposed to be the President's attack dog; instead of the President getting down and dirty he sends out the VP to do the job. Yet his debate with Biden will basically be Joe #1 saying, "I support abortion on demand, universal healthcare, raising taxes, gutting our economy, etc." followed by a hearty "Me too!" by Joe #2. Or if he decides to adopt McCain's positions he'll get hounded for flip flopping all campaign and it'll make it impossible to hit Obama for all his shifty positioning.

Lieberman is strong on the war, but he's a hardline liberal on everything else, right down the line. He would be a terrible VP. But he'd find a good home in the State department, DoD, or in Homeland Security.

No — he wouldn't

Or would he?

How suicidal could McCain be? Could he pick Lieberman after all this? If he does, the entire party is going to explode. But this is the Maverick. This is what he prides himself on. To quote my friend, "he lives only to enrage you, mAc."

Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Moderately bad women

Wow, how this woman is still married is beyond me. Feminism brings out the worst in women.

McCain responds on Leno

While the Democrat convention snoozed on McCain appeared on Leno. He was funny and the audience seemed to like him.

At one point Leno asked him about the house controversy—although I hesitate to call it that, since that implies some sort of importance—and McCain responded:


Here's Obama's ad about... McCain's houses.

This despite the Democrats cheerfully running a candidate in 2004 that had wealth rivaling McCain's, in a party that purports to come from the working class and stand up for the "common man."


Romney foreclosed on VP?

There's rumors swirling around that McCain's team is considering passing up on Romney due to concerns as being branded as "elitist," following the whole how-many-houses-can-we-tar-him-for shenanigans.

You know, we could talk about important issues, or we could talk about how many houses each candidate has. Apparently a man that devoted most of his life to serving his country can't enjoy some luxury in his older years. His billionaire wife has multiple houses? The fiend! He's rich.

I doubt this kind of thing will fly with people; nobody cares if you're rich, but it matters how you got that money, which should give Obama pause on Rezko.

Romney himself got popped this question, and he makes McCain look poor. His response? "Four houses, one less than John Kerry."

Monday, August 25, 2008

How is Obama not dominating?

It's the second day of polling post-Biden and he's 45-45 with McCain. He's running in the most pro-Democrat environment that we've seen in decades. The economy is bad, the war is perceived as being a disaster, the media as always is in love with the Democrat candidate and Obama can do no wrong, the current President of the opposing party has an approval rating in the record lows, McCain is almost as loathed by the Republican base as Obama himself, and we've had eight years of Republican rule, which historical trends dictate will swing the country towards the other party.

On one side is Obama, who rides an almost tidal wave of enthusiasm onto the campaign trail, and has more money than God, and then on the other side is McCain, who struggled through the Republican primaries in a campaign that everybody thought was DOA and had go into debt.

How is he not crushing McCain? I can't believe I thought Obama was more threatening than Hillary. This guy is a total buffoon. He's not even that articulate, which is about his only selling point: all he can do is read from a teleprompter; take that away and he mumbles incoherently. Not only that, he's showing his inexperience and getting outmaneuvered politically by McCain at every step; the oil drilling fiasco is one of the latest examples, as well as his "seven house" pathetic attempt to drive class envy into the campaign. If he can't even run a campaign how is he going to run a country?

If this is the best he can do in this environment, then McCain is going to take him to the woodshed come November 3rd.

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