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Friday, August 29, 2008

CNN: How can Palin be VP when she has children to care for?

Funny how this only comes up when it's a Republican woman. Women can do anything, I thought. Except if they're Republicans. In which case, how can they be so selfish and put themselves in front of their children?

Funnier yet, Obama's team is hitting Palin for being — get this, Quayle-esque. Because, you know — come on. She's a woman.

They're hitting her for being inexperienced. How can they hit her for that when she has more experience than Obama himself? The VP of the Republican ticket has more accomplishments and experience than the Democrat choice for the top half of the ticket.

She's the governor of Alaska, a lifetime NRA member, she has a kid who signed up for the army, her husband is an oil tycoon, she's not only pro-life — she lives it — keeping a child who had Down's Syndrome instead of aborting it... she even hunts moose.


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