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Thursday, August 28, 2008

Reasons against a Lieberman pick

First and foremost, he's a liberal, and a Democrat. John McCain is already a liberal Republican, but at least he's a Republican. Picking a member of the opposite party to be your Vice President? Who's going to run for President when his term is over?

Even politically, it would be a bad choice. Sure, he may peel off a few moderate Democrats, but how many Republicans, who are already looking for reasons to abandon McCain, will he send up the wall? It's absolutely ridiculous, and yet McCain dreams for these kinds of 50's style "fusion" tickets.

Just imagine the Vice Presidential debates. The VP is supposed to be the President's attack dog; instead of the President getting down and dirty he sends out the VP to do the job. Yet his debate with Biden will basically be Joe #1 saying, "I support abortion on demand, universal healthcare, raising taxes, gutting our economy, etc." followed by a hearty "Me too!" by Joe #2. Or if he decides to adopt McCain's positions he'll get hounded for flip flopping all campaign and it'll make it impossible to hit Obama for all his shifty positioning.

Lieberman is strong on the war, but he's a hardline liberal on everything else, right down the line. He would be a terrible VP. But he'd find a good home in the State department, DoD, or in Homeland Security.


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