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Wednesday, September 03, 2008

The Right pick

Liberals seem to be under the misconception that McCain picked Palin as a sop thrown to the Left; a way to try and beguile unsuspecting Hillary voters to wait under his wing. "Why," they'd exclaim, "could he think we'd be so stupid?" After all, everybody knows they'd never vote for a Republican. This is where they are wrong. Palin was not a liberal pick. She was a conservative one.

During the primaries, every candidate had his share of vices and virtues; for every Republican he'd rein in, his policies or beliefs would repel another. Huckabee was the social Right's champion, but anathema to the rest of the fiscally conservative, libertarian leaning base. Romney was a solid business conservative, but his light dulled compared to McCain and Guiliani's national security credentials, and Huckabee's appeal to social issues. McCain and Guiliani had their wartime bonafides, but not much else. Only Fred Thompson bridged the gap, and his star burned out quickly.

Enter Palin.

She's pro-life, and a staunch social conservative. Evangelicals love her. She's a fiscally conservative pro-clean and good government corruption buster. She's a tough, no-nonsense working class mom with a family. She's a lifetime NRA member and hunts moose. What she does is what McCain could never do, and that's unify the base again. Now, finally, conservatives have a champion on the ticket.

She's completely re-energized the base. We can now enthusiastically get behind this campaign, putting our energy, time, and money into it, instead of just our obligatory but half-hearted votes. McCain raised $4 million within the first day of his Palin announcement. With the Right side of the electorate secured, that leaves McCain to do what he does best, and that's appeal to the moderates that will decide the election.

And not just conservatives. She exudes authenticity, and her removal from Washington is actually a plus, considering how tired people have become of the "same old" business that continues on there. Instead of a professional politician who makes a living making empty promises and milking the taxpayer for all we're worth, she seems to be a regular person, an everyman and woman, going into Washington to clean up shop. This will make her extremely likeable, and the attacks that the Democrats will make on her will backfire as they'll be attacking many of the same traits people find in themselves. Every time they accuse her of being unable to do her job and raise a family, they'll be accusing the same of the millions of women who juggle rearing their children alongside their career.

It also allows McCain to steal some of the wind out from under Obama's "change" sails, presenting an alternative history making ticket, not to mention that, more importantly, McCain and Palin both have a "Maverick" streak in taking on their own party and fighting corruption, something that the electorate has been thirsting for.

She's not too inexperienced; she could use more experience, but she has more Executive experience than Obama and Biden and McCain combined. She also has more actual accomplishments under her belt. Moreover, she presents an alternative feminist icon to the traditional shrill angry feminism that the Democrats and the Left try and conflate with authentic feminism. It has them so angry that there is a woman who is living up to all the standards and goals feminists have set, "having it all," yet clinging to those quaint traditional ideals.

If some disaffected Hillary voters also peel off and vote for McCain, that's just icing on the cake.


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