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Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Unleash the Palin within

Palin energized McCain's campaign when she was picked and sent the media into a firestorm all the way until the Republican convention when she delivered her outstanding speech before the delegates. But ever since then she's faltered, tripping in interviews and not performing as well as she had. I think it's because of how the McCain campaign has been handling her. Instead of just letting Palin be herself, like she was when she was initially chosen, they've stuffed her with their script and tried to turn her into a robot spitting talking points for McCain.

When I watch her in interviews, I can see her trying to remember what she's supposed to say, and the hesitant, halting tone of somebody who's not expressing themselves naturally. After all, she can't speak for herself; she has to speak for McCain's positions, which she herself may not agree with, and at the same time watch out for not attributing to McCain things that he wouldn't say. If McCain would just step back and let her do her own thing then she would perform much better. People like Palin; he should let them have her.

Bill Kristol says that apparently McCain is not pleased with how Palin has been handled by his campaign either. She's being coached by the same people who coached Bush's speaking talents, which may not have been the best move...


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