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Thursday, October 02, 2008

Debate reactions

Palin dominated! This is just like her RNC speech all over again. People went into this debate expecting McCain's candidacy to die on stage, but she not only upset expectations, she blew them apart. She was charming, folksy, on message and unfaltering. She managed to jab Biden and Obama hard without appearing mean. She presented a story of herself and McCain.

Meanwhile Biden was just one-note and boring. All he talked about was how many times McCain voted against this, that and the other thing, minutiae nobody is going to remember. And what was with him and his creepy crocodile teeth grins every five seconds?

She was the best debater, not out of Biden and her, but out of everyone that's debated so far, Obama, Biden, McCain, and her. She was the most interesting and lively, and exuded comfort and an intimacy with the audience, even winking at times in a manner reminiscent of Reagan.

Frank Luntz, master pollster, just ran a focus group of undecided Democrats and Republicans, who overwhelmingly believe Palin won.



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