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Thursday, October 02, 2008

More debate reax

From McCain's team.

"Those who have seen Palin debate in Alaska say she is very efficient, and you're seeing that now. She's taking Biden on directly, speaking at him and then turning to the camera to make her points." (Berger, MSNBC, 8:18 pm CT)

"She's sticking to her broader message, not getting caught up in a back-and-forth on policy that she can't win with Biden. It's all about energy, energy, energy." (Martin, Politico, 8:28 pm CT)

"In a bit of an upset, Biden so far is the less loquacious debater." (Alarkon, Hill, 8:31 pm CT)

"Nearly halfway in -- where has this Sarah Palin been? She's articulate, quick, detail-oriented tonight. Sometimes less is more." (Klein, ABC, 8:38 pm CT)

"We knew this was coming -- attacking Obama by using Biden's own words. And the rest of the answer – 'we're getting closer and closer to victory, and it would be a travesty’ to quit now -- was very well put. ‘Your plan is a white flag of surrender in Iraq,' she said." (Klein, ABC, 8:40 pm CT)

"She knows all the wedges between Biden and Obama, including their votes on troop funding, and even drops in a reference to that Jon Stewart interview where the Delaware senator said he'd be honored to run with his colleague from Arizona." (Martin, Politico, 8:45 pm CT)

"Biden: 'We will end this war. That's a fundamental difference. We will end this war' Palin: 'Your plan is a white flag of surrender in Iraq."...notes Biden said that BO 'was not ready to be commander in chief.'" (Ambinder, Atlantic, 8:47 pm CT)

"Palin is adept at keeping Biden on the offensive... she answers (or doesn't answer) the question asked of her in a sentence and then shifts to a talking point against Obama." (Ambinder, Atlantic, 8:48 pm CT)

"Palin says Obama's vow to meet with foreign enemies goes ‘beyond naivate, beyond poor judgment.’ 'Diplomacy is hard work by serious people’ with guidelines and sanctions ‘before any kind of presidential summit would take place.’" (Carpenter, Townhall, 8:49 pm CT)

"The Palin response to Biden's Bush-bashing: Too much looking backwards. But she acknowledges that there have been ‘huge blunders throughout this administration as there have in every adminnistartion [sic].’" (Martin, Politico, 8:55 pm CT)

"’It's so obvious that I'm a Washington outsider,' Palin says. Again, better done than said, but undeniable. This line of attack, driving a wedge between Biden and Obama, is legit, though it can seem forced at times." (Klein, ABC, 9:03 pm CT)

"One theme Palin keeps hitting tonight is the idea that Biden and Obama are looking backward. After a riff by Biden on how McCain's policies are the same as President Bush's, Palin pounces. ‘Say it ain't so, Joe,’ she said. ‘There you go again, pointing backwards. Now doggone it, let's look again and tell Americans what we plan to do for Americans in the future.’" (Alarkon, Hill, 9:13 pm CT)


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