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Wednesday, November 05, 2008

Requiem for a dream

The Presidential election is over and we have a winner. McCain lost and Obama will be our next President. He will bring with him legions of liberals into power, solidifying Democrat control over the government. But all is not lost. The world has not ended.

We are still a center-right country. Don't let this electoral victory fool you into thinking we've finally tumbled over the precipice into full fledged socialism. What has changed is merely the arrangement of the states under the Democrat and Republican columns; when it comes to the popular vote, we nearly hit 50%. Half the country is still with us, as always, and when you consider the fact that most people see Obama not as a liberal but as a bipartisan agent of "change," that is significant. Not only that, but this near majority was reached in one of the toughest anti-Republican electoral environments in history. Let us count the ways.

Any Republican entering this race had to deal with the following: a faltering economy, an unpopular war, one of the most disapproved of Presidents of all time under his party, and the fact that we've already had Republican dominance for many years. When you have a party in power that long that makes people tired of the incumbents and willing to usher in the opposition for a change. Furthermore, Obama was the first black candidate to reach that pinnacle in history, had more money than God, and the infinite rage of the Bush hating Democrats propelling him forward on a wind that cared not how he maneuvered to win over the rest of the country so long as he could stick it to Republicans. Then there's the media: Obama could shoot a baby on live television and the media would say it was because the baby was a terrorist. Add all that together and you have a Mt. Everest challenge to scale.

But then, it wasn't just any Republican. It was McCain. McCain, who the base hated, and who spent most of his electoral adventures in debt and skirting with bankruptcy. Somebody who had no clear philosophy and was not a conservative. He was conservative, but not a conservative.

Add all of these together, and it's a miracle that McCain got as far as he did. Yet Barack won, not because the country had flitted to the left but only by pretending to be a centrist tax-cutter in a center-right country. It will be a short honeymoon before people realize with bitter disappointment that he's not the Messiahâ„¢ they thought he was and can't do everything he promised. By the next midterm elections everybody will know how liberal Obama is, and the pendulum will swing once again. It will be up to us to see that it swings far enough.

We must remember that we are conservatives, and not liberals or "progressives" or whatever they're calling themselves today. Politics is not our life. Unlike liberals, if we lose an election, we're still going to be happier than liberals, whose worldview is premised on misery. They place their hopes and dreams in government, and so they will always be disappointed, especially when they find out they have to pay for their gas and mortgage after all. Conservatives, on the other hand, have low expectations of human nature and even lower from government; it is hard to be disappointed. And unlike liberals, our happiness is where it has always been and will be tomorrow: our family, our friends, our local community, in our work, our faith, and in our country. These will be around whether or not the current incumbents have a "R" or "D" next to their name.

Tough times are ahead, and we can't throw in the towel. We're going to have to fight like hell to make sure Obama doesn't run the country over the cliffside with his liberal fantasies. But we've been there before, and we've prevailed there before.

Remember: we are conservatives. Don't give liberals the satisfaction of seeing us break before defeat and cry like schoolgirls. That's what they do. They're the ones who fall apart when they lose. We can take it and get back up fighting. We are followers of Reagan, the Happy Warrior, who responded with such adversity with good humor, irreverent mockery and hard work. We may have lost the election, but we're still right and they're still wrong. The fight goes on, and we will have our time once again.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Great blog.

FTP: "Conservatives, on the other hand, have low expectations of human nature and even lower from government."

You bet. Low expectations of human nature is actually very kind and optimistic. If you want to trust your fellow humans to look after you and provide for you without any quid pro quo, i.e., "I get everything from you, for nothing or very little from me" so be it; but no one will stay in that relationship unless forced to by government imposition, a la socialism.

Human nature, unlike the positive view that humanists give us with their HOPE, yes hope, is utterly incapable of such benevolence,only power. No, check the charitable giving of Obama, Biden and other prominent Dems (hard to get unfortunately) -- it is disgraceful compared to the average right-wing conservative clinger, (and they call them bigoted) believing (in you know who) humans.

Guess what? leftist morality makes you give to government so that it can give to others without sacrifice from the brilliant intelligencia (i.e., Obama types). Not me, no, I will give charitably with a willing and happy spirit, against my human nature.


Thu Nov 06, 07:41:00 PM EST  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

How dare you assume that narrow-minded discrimminatory conservatives are the only ones who find happiness in family, communtiy, faith, and friends. To cling to such a narrow view of America is dangerous for everyone. To continue to support someone like Bush/Cheney/Rove because they have such a lack of integrity that they will pander to your causes shows how hypocritical you are. They have lied, sold our country out for the almighty dollar, and led our brightest and best into a war for their own greed. You guys have tried to hold the entire country hostage to your narrow minded beliefs and now the people have spoken. Deal with it and try looking in your book of faith for some guidance in acceptance, love, and kindness.

Sat Nov 08, 09:43:00 PM EST  

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